Confidence & Peace of Mind

Daily operational practices to keep us all safe & able to receive bodywork. Your nervous system needs security, just as much as your muscles need massage.

Elbow Greetings

Office Practices

October 2021


  • Appointments are required and I am not accepting walk-in's at this time. 

  • All intake forms will be delivered electronically to limit contact. 

  • Temperature checks are required at the door upon entering the treatment area. 

  • Staff will also perform temperature checks at the beginning of each service day.

  • Guests are asked to sanitize or wash their hands immediately upon entering treatment area. 

  • All surfaces will be disenfected between visits along with 30+ minutes in-between each client. 

Masks & PPE

  • Masks must be worn at the studio by both therapist and client at all times, even during the massage! (with one exception which I’ll get to next)...

  • However (and here’s the one exception), we are using pillowcases as face cradle covers to create a sealed chamber that acts like a mask, but isn’t jammed up on your face.

  • So, when you are face down, you get to take off your mask (if you want to…some people still prefer leaving them on and that’s fine too) since the pillowcase is enclosed and acts like a mask.

  • We ask that you keep your mask handy so that you can put it on when you turn over or switch to face up or side lying positions​.

  • We are still cautioning clients in high risk groups to evaluate their individual situation before booking (over 65 or with comorbidities such as diabetes or high blood pressure). Now that we know we can practice safely, there is a rise of clients in high risk groups. It is  also recommend booking our earliest time slots so as to avoid other clients as much as possible.

 Air Circulation & Filtration

  • Our treatment room has a Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier with Allergen Remover running in them during treatment.

  • The Certified Honeywell True HEPA R Replacement Filter helps capture up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 microns & larger from any air passing through the filter

  • The air is cycled through these purifiers at a rate of a complete exchange of the air in the room about every 10 minutes, meaning that aerosol transmission between clients is not an issue.